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Since 1950, Breuker and Den Bleyker Plumbing and Heating has been offering plumbing service and installation in Holland, Michigan, as well as heating and cooling service and installation. Recently, Breuker and Den Bleyker was purchased by Godwin Plumbing, a company with a record of nearly as many years, and an excellent reputation for quality workmanship and honesty.

Breuker VanIf you have used Breuker in the past for plumbing service or installation, you'll be glad to hear that the very same individuals will be offering the very same service to the area. Customers of Breuker will be pleased to receive the same service that they are accustomed to, and they will also be able to take advantage of other services and products that may have been unavailable in the past.

So please take a close look at what Godwin's Breuker Plumbing Heating has to offer. Whether you are a contractor, builder, or a homeowner Godwin is sure to have something that will fit your needs and your budget. Breuker is experienced on nearly all levels of heating, cooling, and plumbing work. From Holland City Hall, to the Holland Department of Public Works, to numerous hotel chains in the area, to literally thousands of homes and residences, Breuker has developed a strong reputation for quality workmanship and honest business practices. These same principles govern Godwin Plumbing, and likewise, a long-standing reputation backs up those claims.

THANKS for the prompt response and also for sharing with my work. This was my initial attempt at calling some of my delegates and you did an excellent job. I am extremely pleasantly surprised. Continue with the great job.

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Enjoy your virtual tour of Godwin's Breuker Plumbing and Heating, and please feel free to call us with any questions or comments, at (616) 396-3593.

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